YES! My prize arrived today for the Tiny Cartridge 3rd birthday contest I entered last year. With bonus Mare Odomo stickers! You should totally buy those. Those guys are the best!

It’s GDC this week so on Thursday I’m going to try making a game at the Indie Art Jam on Thursday. I’ll also be at this crazy party on Wednesday and maybe at the expo on Friday. If you see me say hi!

oh word! microcartridge is super rad. He shoots video of the games he makes in WarioWare DIY and they’re just charming and fun. ALSO, he is responsible for this video, which is one of my favorite things on the internet.

I’m really excited about the day I come across a tinycart sticker in the wild. It’s gonna happen, I just hope it’s soon.

Man, GDC… Maybe I’ll go next year? Who knows!

It’s official: Microcartridge is SUPER RAD!